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Past events




20 November 2017

Professor Gibson Burrell
(University of Leicester)

Chaos and Organisation

28 March 2018

Professor Robert Chia
(University of Glasgow)

Constructing Organizational Reality: Process Philosophy, Perceptual Sensitivity and Performative Practices

16 May 2018

Dr Stefano Tasselli
(Erasmus University)

Love and Organisation

13 November 2018

Dr Stratos Ramoglou
(University of Southampton)

The Bewitchment of our Theoretical Imagination by Means of Language (Wittgenstein): The Case of Entrepreneurial Opportunities

19 February 2019

Professor Philippe Lorino
(ESSEC Business School)

A Pragmatist Theory of Action

16 May 2019

Dr Saku Mantere (McGill University)

A Language-based View of Organization (Wittgenstein)