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Meet Ramesh Varma: Teacher


We work with teachers from within the communities, helping to develop their English language skills and demonstrating innovative teaching methods. We want our impact to be longlasting, so a vital part of our work is equipping them with new permanent skills which they can use to inspire learners.

Ramesh, 23, is a former student who became a teacher. He helped to set up the first teaching centres in Mangar Village and Silakhari, he now holds the position of Assistant Coordinator at the Laksh Foundation and overseas the operations at all five Laksh teaching centres.

I've worked with the Laksh Foundation since they began working in the area to establish the first centres in Silakhari and Manger. During my time I have managed each teaching centre that laksh operates, and this has given me many opportunties to create and run my own projects, thus improving my skills and increasing my confidence.

Teaching is a chance to meet new pupils from different communities to my own, and gives me a chance to learn new things and share knowledge.The Warwick volunteers have been very helpful to us – they help with everything, not just the lessons but with our confidence, time-management and how to be present in our classroom.

I'd like us to be able to motivate the children more on their studies, and for them to devote more time to learning. I think the Warwick volunteers can help us here. I want us to be able to reach more children and offer them an education too.

My greatest ambition is to continue to work hard and improve myself and then be able to improve and enhance
the understanding of others.”