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WMS Hardship Fund

At Warwick Medical School (WMS), our students come from diverse backgrounds, bringing with them unique experiences and perspectives that enrich our community. However, medical students face acute financial pressures, due to working unsociable hours and the need to buy expensive specialty items from stethoscopes to textbooks. Without intervention, many talented future doctors may not advance into the profession, hindered further by the rising cost of living.

By contributing to the Warwick Medical School Hardship Fund, you can directly combat the financial hardships experienced by medical students.

Nurturing the next generation of doctors

Warwick Medical School is unique in admitting graduates with a first degree in any subject area, from engineering to the arts, to its programme. WMS students are what make this programme so special, embodying the School's values of kindness, academic rigour, integrity, support for others, humility, and innovation.

The WMS Hardship Fund exists to ensure no student has to make a choice between pursuing medicine and working to support themselves. By supporting the Fund, you can directly help us to increase the total number of medical professionals in the field. One future doctor at a time.

Your impact

Young medical students like Tom and Georgie have begun their first steps in making a career in medicine, thanks to the support of donors like you. Read more about their stories below.

Tom's story

"When my son faced medical difficulties before he was even born, the incredible care and support from medical professionals inspired me to pursue medicine. Without philanthropic support, I wouldn't have been able to continue on this journey to become a doctor - the fund made it possible for me to study foetal medicine.

Life can throw unexpected challenges, but the support we received has enabled me to focus on my education while supporting my son's complex medical needs.

I want others to know that the Hardship Fund can make a huge difference for students pursuing medicine. By giving, you're investing in my future, but also in the lives I'll impact as a future doctor."

Georgie's story

"Receiving support from the Warwick Medical School Hardship Fund has been instrumental in allowing me to continue my studies. It has helped alleviate some of the financial commitments that have made my journey more challenging, especially when facing health issues that required immediate attention and additional expenses.

I firmly believe that investing in the health and well-being of students like me while studying will ultimately promote the health of the medical profession as a whole.

By providing a little extra support to students facing hardships, we can ensure they can focus on their education, thrive in their future careers, and make a lasting impact on the field of medicine."


By supporting this vital initiative, you are not only widening access to education in medicine but are also directly shaping the future of healthcare.

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Financial hardship has always been a challenge for many of our students but in the context of the cost-of-living crisis what was once a burden to be carried has become crippling for many. The fact that they persist despite such financial adversity is testament to their commitment.

- Professor Lesley Roberts, Pro-Dean of Education, Warwick Medical School

Get in touch

Your donation has a direct impact on student life at Warwick. Get in touch to discuss your gift and the impact it could make using the contact details below:

Rosalyn C. Forbes
Head of Philanthropy
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T: 07884 733080