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Although we may not be based in the city – and although we may not share its name – the University of Warwick is proud to call Coventry our home. That’s why Warwick has partnered with IntoUniversity to fund an outreach centre in the heart of Coventry, and donors are helping this centre to reach more children every year.

IntoUniversity is a national education charity with a mission to raise the aspirations of young people from the poorest homes across the UK. These young people face a considerable educational disadvantage – statistically they do far less well at school, they are less likely to go to university and they have little chance of entering the professions.

Now, over a year into our partnership, we are starting to see significant results as a result of the interventions that the IntoUniversity centre offers. 89% of those supported by the centre progressed to higher education, compared to the local average of 30%.

Fadhi’s story

One pupil who is benefitting from the work of the IntoUniversity Centre is Fadhi. Fadhi was one of the first to register for the Centre’s academic support programme – like many in Coventry she speaks English as an Additional Language. Fadhi is thinking of becoming a midwife, but that requires at least a grade 5 in Science, and her struggles with English were impacting her performance.

As part of the programme, Fadhi was paired with a student mentor, Renee, who studies Mathematics at Warwick - Renee was herself a pupil at a London-based IntoUniversity centre! Although their relationship has just begun, Fadhi describes their time together as one of her best experiences of IntoUniversity.

Your donation has the power to change someone's future. Get in touch to discuss your gift and the impact it could make, or donate online. Thank you for your support.

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Emily Gladman

Leadership Giving Executive