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Warwick in Africa

It costs less than £10 per month to help one learner. How many lives will you change?

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2018 Impact Report

In 2018 our team of 78 amazing volunteers trained 717 teachers and taught 15,036 learners across Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa.

Download our 2018 impact report to find out more.

WiA Stories

Education changes lives. Read the stories of some of the teachers, learners and volunteers we have worked with over the past few years. Could you be among them in 2020?

image Meet Mary: South African Learner

It’s hard enough to do well at school when you live in the Makupula township where violence and drug usage are commonplace, let alone when you are just 16 and already have a baby boy.

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We're entirely reliant on philanthropic support. Could you be one of our wonderful donors? See what your contributions can do.