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Africa Research Fellowships

The Africa Research Fellowship, hosted by IAS, provides a route for outstanding postdoctoral researchers to visit Warwick and establish connections with academics and departments. The Fellowship programme supports Early-Career Researchers in developing an application to an external funding body which could allow them to develop their academic career.

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Fellowships Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

Jeremiah Ejemeyovwi, an Economics Lecturer and Researcher at Covenant University, Nigeria, is passionate about applying his research into digitalisation in Nigeria to achieving UN sustainable development goals across African countries.

Digitalisation and Sustainable Development

There is ample evidence that digital technologies have a positive impact on the performance and efficiency of Government, e-commerce, trade and other sectors in the economy. His research aims to make recommendations about the best ways to reduce the digital divide – between those who have, and do not have access to the benefits of digitalisation – in Nigeria and in other African countries.

The Digitisation of Africa

Looking to extend his research network and take the next steps in his research career, Jeremiah applied for, and was awarded, an Africa Research Fellowship. Through Warwick’s partnership with the Center for Economic Policy and Development Research (CEPDeR), Covenant University, Jeremiah made a strong proposal. His critical thinking on how digitalisation might advance sustainable development and promote knowledge societies in Africa, will contribute to Covenant University’s influence of Nigeria’s planners and policymakers on digitalisation.

International Networks

The Fellowship offered Jeremiah the chance to discuss his research and analyses with like-minded academics and peers from the UK and other countries. He gained first-hand experience of how academics in higher income countries are both passionate and knowledgeable about development in Africa. Jeremiah had the opportunity to have one-to-one discussions with leading thinkers in his research area – including Professor Lisk – about policy developments in the UK and Rwanda, which is one of the countries leading digitalisation in Africa. This is helping him shape his thinking on how to prioritise the development of digitalisation for effective economic planning in Nigeria.

“I look forward to a future where digitisation is fully adopted in Nigeria and across Africa, where the internet is very affordable, there are high levels of financial inclusion, and there is digitalised government processes to ensure transparency and embedded feedback opportunities. The adoption of digitalisation would drive the development of Africa.” - Dr Jeremiah Ejemeyovwi (PhD Research Fellow)

Mentoring and Knowledge Transfer

Africa is undergoing a remarkable period of economic and social transformation, Fellowships rooted in principles of equality are vital for supporting African talent.

Hear from Jeremiah Ejemeyovwi our first Africa Fellow about the benefits of the award.

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