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Education Across Borders: Developing a Global Mindset in Business

Monash Warwick Alliance Education Fund - May 2019 Round

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, employees are seeking graduates who have knowledge and understanding of the world around them. They need an intercultural mindset, an understanding of cultural diversity, and must be able to work successfully with colleagues and clients no matter where they are in the world. They need to be able to develop a strong global-mindset.

Whilst students at both universities can access a broad range of international mobility programs, an opportunity exists for the Monash Business School and Warwick Business School to jointly develop a program targeted at preparing students for a global workplace.

A short-term mobility program will be designed comprising two components. The first component will include the creation of teams across business schools where students will collaborate in virtually professional contexts. The second component will comprise face-to-face meetings during an international study abroad experience in Italy. Throughout the program, students will work together virtually and physically to solve a real-world business problem sourced from industry and alumni. As their global knowledge expands, student will also be able to take advantage of many networking opportunities.

The program outcomes will be shared beyond the business schools across broader networks in each university. Over time, the network of engaged education partners will expand to include the School of Business at Monash University’s Malaysia campus and other pre-existing partnerships across Asia and Europe.

Principal Applicants:
Visiting Fellows:

Lee Kramer, Director of Student Life, University of Pennsylvania