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Student opportunities through the Alliance

Monash welcomes students from Warwick for one or two semesters when nominated by Warwick. With a variety of study units across multiple faculties, these specialisations allow you to broaden your horizons during your studies.

MWA Mobility Opportunities

How does this work?

Alex Blades applied to the Monash Warwick Alliance and had an unique opportunity to meet and study with like-minded peers at a top university in Australia. He was able to extend his Warwick history degree to include international modules.

Broadening Horizons

Alex Blades, a civil servant working in international higher education, chose to study history at the University of Warwick because it offered him the opportunity to study in Australia through the Monash Warwick Alliance. His ambition was to challenge himself, and explore new learning and life opportunities.

Student Mobility

Alex made the most of his time at Monash University. He travelled extensively around Australasia met and remained in contact with like-minded peers, and explored optional courses new to him – including international modules.

Professional Development

Alongside personal benefits, Alex’s time at Monash accelerated his career. Based on his experience with international students he was recruited work on international student policy for the Government. His future plans, together with setting up a brewery, are to complete a postgraduate degree in international relations.

“The opportunity to travel and see parts of the world I had always wanted to see brought me immense satisfaction. I accomplished lifelong goals in travelling to Japan. The greatest highlight was travelling around the Northern Territory in a 4x4 with four friends I met at Monash. I have never experienced such diverse beauty as the Northern Territories, to gaze upon stars in the complete wilderness is utterly sublime.” - Alex Blades (History Graduate)

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Through our collaboration with the Monash Warwick Alliance we are able to offer an array of various study and research opportunities abroad.

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