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Biochemical Society Conference

Thursday 3rd April 2008, 09:05-0945, Exeter University, UK

Professor Paul Thornalley of the Warwick Medical School & Systems Biology Centre at Warwick University is scheduled to appear as a speaker at the 2008 Biochemical Society Conference at Exeter University.

This Meeting aims to attract an audience interested primarily in oxidative stress research, but who use or wish to use mass spectrometry and/or related proteomics techniques in their work.

Mass spectrometry facilitates the identification and measurement of free radical reaction products, as well as the identification of proteins whose expression levels are modulated by oxidative stress.

The Meeting also aims to attract those interested primarily in mass spectrometry, but who have some interest in its application in oxidative stress research. The Meeting will focus mostly on the application of mass spectrometry techniques, with 11 main speakers, several short Ph.D./postdoctoral presentations and a poster session. The involvement of oxidative stress in an array of human diseases is widely recognized and the subject of an enormous wealth of research. The primary focus of this Meeting will be on oxidative research in the context of human health and disease, with main themes relating to the oxidative modification of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and DNA.

This event will take place at Exeter University, UK

More details can be obtained from the Biochemical Society

Contact: Emily Roberts - for further information