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CO 2008: International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimisation

CO 2008 is an International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization. It is the next in a series of biennial conferences. The last few conferences were held in Porto (2006), Lancaster (2004), Paris (2002), Greenwich (2000), Brussels (1998), and London (1996). CO 2008 is hosted by the University of Warwick, UK.

Program Topics:
The program topics will be on any subject related to theory and applications of combinatorial optimisation, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Computational complexity
  • Constraint satisfaction
  • Crew scheduling
  • Exact and approximation algorithms
  • Frequency assignment
  • Heuristic methods
  • Integer programming
  • Meta-heuristics
  • Network design
  • Polyhedral theory
  • Production and logistics scheduling
  • Timetabling
  • Vehicle routing and scheduling

Booking and course fees must be arranged in advance - More information is available online at

Contact: Bo Chen - for further information