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Hansel & Gretel

Roll up, roll up, the circus has come to town! But all is not child’s play in Hansel and Gretel...

Living in poverty, Roma Gypsies Hansel and Gretel are confined to the outskirts of the community. As they play in their concrete jungle, their mother sends them into the city in a desperate attempt to forage for food. Their father returns home with news that the circus has arrived, accompanied with rumours of a certain evil ringmaster, known to lure in hungry children with smells of frying food. As clowns, acrobats, magicians and lion tamers take to the stage, the dark reality of what goes on behind the scenes is revealed.

Opera Warwick brings this magical fairytale up to date in this brand new translation of Humperdinck’s masterpiece written in collaboration with Kit Hesketh-Harvey. Featuring local school children, this visually stunning, tuneful and approachable opera is suitable for fearless children and adults alike.

Come to the greatest show on earth, but only if you dare...

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