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IDH Seminar: Act like a Startup to transform Healthcare Innovation

At a Glance
Date: 25 January 2012
Time: 1.00-2.00pm
Location: International Digital Laboratory
Open To: Staff, students, alumni and the general public
Cost: Free
Summary: IDH Seminar: 'Act like a start up to transform Healthcare Innovation'

We all know that we are living in a world of tremendous change, with new demands on services, less supply of resources, a population with rapidly changing health needs and incredible developments in technology. This talk will share examples of how startups are changing the world in their favour, and will talk about what large organisations can achieve by thinking and acting like a startup.

The talk will be delivered by Adil Abrar, the founder of a health startup ( and Sidekick School, an incubator for other startups.

Further information

For further details contact Julia Hyde at or visit the webpage for the event here. You can also download the event flyer here.