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Lunchtime meeting for mid-career female academics

The Faculty of Science is hosting a lunch for mid-career female academics with the support of the Athena-Swan Steering Group. The purpose of the lunch is to discuss in an informal and relaxed setting the mid-career progression of women academics within the university and particularly to elicit the views of this career group on the sort of support that might be offered or initiatives that could be instigated to ensure that all staff achieve their full potential both now and in the future. Recognizing that there exists a variety of schemes to support early-career researchers and probationers through to promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate level, we are particularly interested to explore the subsequent career experience of those at already at Associate Professor, although the invitation is, of course, open to everyone interested in attending as we would hope that this is a stage to be experienced by all of us at some time during our university careers. Please register attendance by emailing Sandra Beaufoy (, advising her of any dietary requirements you may have. Sandra would also be happy to receive suggestions of matters for discussion.