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Recipes Live! Brilliant Academic Research

Wednesday 21st May 2008,  13:00-13:45, B2.07/8 (Science Concourse, main level)


Need some practical advice on how to conduct research for your dissertation or assessed essays? 

This session covers strategies of academic research, methodologies and various resource materials. Formal input will look at the practicalities of research, its process and the evaluation of primary and secondary sources, whilst suggesting a step-by-step strategy meant to achieve maximum research efficiency.

You'll have the opportunity to participate and interact as well as ask questions. Please note that, due to the generous diversity of research methodologies, the material presents an overall picture of academic research methods available to students, and not an in-depth examination of any one in particular.

  • When: Wednesday 21st May 08 (Wk 5). Session runs from 1-1.45 pm
  • Where: B2.07/8 (Science Concourse, main level)
  • Tutor: Dr Mihai Balanescu