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Registrar's Meeting: 20 June 2013

The Registrar held a meeting for all staff on Thursday 20 June 2013 in the Ramphal Lecture Theatre. As well as providing a brief update on University activity, the meeting saw Dr Richard Hutchins present on the new WMG Academy for Engineers, due to open in autumn 2014, and Gavin Edwards on the National Automotive Innovation Campus. The slides for these events can be viewed further down the page.

Highlights on current activities and people and events:

Ken welcomed Gillian McGrattan who joined the University as HR Director on 17 June. Gillian comes from National Savings and Investments – an agency of the Treasury, where she was Corporate Services Director. He also advised that Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Koen Lamberts, will leave Warwick this summer to take up the role of VC at York and a new position of Provost to replace Koen is currently being advertised with the intention to appoint someone ready for the new academic year.

Ken then highlighted a number of events to bring to staff’s attention including the recent Institutional Teaching and Learning Showcase in the Library – focused on engaging students and providing an opportunity to share good practice and offer colleagues the chance to reflect on teaching and learning strategies and explore new approaches and ideas. He thanked colleagues in LDC, IATL and the Library for organising the Showcase and also encouraged staff to visit the local food market taking place on the Piazza that day to try out an ostrich burger……

He also discussed the undergraduate Open Days taking place on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 June. These huge events involve all academic and service departments showcasing their work and help to introduce prospective students to the University, with over 18,000 visitors expected over the two day programme.

The Warwick Student Arts Festival from 22 to 25 June was also mentioned. This free event features Street-Dance to Symphonies and Salsa to Sonnets, with something for everyone to enjoy.

He thanked all those who helped the management of this summer’s exam programme. From academic staff in invigilation roles to estates staff involved in looking after the set-up of rooms and administrative colleagues involved in starting and finishing exams, it is a huge team effort which relies on the input of numerous teams and individuals coming together to deliver a critical part of the University’s calendar.

He then considered other opportunities for staff to come together – both for professional and personal purposes and referenced the number of informal staff recreational groups at the University – a book club, badminton, choir….. loads of things to get involved in and more work to be done to really draw on the expertise and ideas of people to help organise events like the Warwick Network Day in December, summer staff fayre and more.

Ken then thanked those involved in the development of the professional service networks - in events, ideas generation and meetings. He updated on progress of the networks, highlighting what had become evident to him and senior colleagues as their thoughts have developed in recent months: the cultural shift that is needed to really bring these to life. This isn’t about extra work or just a temporary project, but a new way of working which stimulates joined up approaches and communications to use our resources collectively and more efficiently as one administration – regardless of where we are located to deliver services. As with the number of social groups we already have or with exams support, it is also clear just how much some teams and individuals already work in this way to achieve objectives, and the routes we have such as Strategy Bites, communications champions and social media forums to promote the work of the networks and bring staff together to connect with the things they find interesting.

He highlighted that if you’re not involved already, there is more to come and thanked those involved already - mentioning the Institutional Professional Resources Network which has already come together in a number of ways to address key priorities in external relations in particular, and the student journey mapping under development in the Student and Academic Services Network.

He finished with the work underway to develop a future University Strategy which will give a clear and ambitious steer to see us beyond 2015 and set out what it means to be the University of Warwick and what we must do to deliver this vision. The University Council, Senate and Heads of Department have already engaged in discussions and wider consultation will open over the summer. The networks will really come to life as we identify how we can most effectively direct resource to meet our objectives and measure our performance.

Ken then handed over to Richard and Gavin for the WMG Academy and NAIC presentations (Powerpoint Presentation)

Watch the WMG Academy video.