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Graffiti boards

Liz Dowler writing on graffiti boardsAt every Ideas Café we put up boards where people are encouraged to answer a series of questions related to the theme of the café, in this case Connecting Cultures. You can read below participants' answers to the questions, which were posed by the speakers.

How are languages, texts and national identity connected?

Traduttore = traditore

In what ways and to what extent are our ways of thinking about the past culturally conditioned?

Forgetting and repressing selective memory.

How does cultural diversity influence health and well-being?

Mental health culture:
Differences in concepts of MH
Relativity in defining the mentally ill
Approaches to the treatment of the mentally ill

Art + Health - the organisation "escape" recommended by chronic fatigue clinic and for other chronic conditions – has been a great help in coping with illness – i.e. the working together of medicine + Arts.

All comments here are the work and opinion of the Ideas Café audience and do not necessarily represent the views of the University of Warwick.