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Global Governance

Who should rule the World? A Global Governance Ideas Cafe, Thursday 14 June 2012

Global Governance is one of the Global Priorities Programme (GPP) research themes, identified as part of the University’s research strategy to give clear thematic identity, aligned to external funding priorities, to our multi-disciplinary research strengths which can make a significant contribution to some of society’s most pressing issues.

The Global Governance GPP brings together 80 Warwick researchers from 12 units across all 4 University faculties to examine rules and regulatory processes for societal challenges with a planetary scope. Four key cross-sectoral themes have been identified by the GPP to focus current research work:

  • Polycentrism - the complex regulatory networks that make up global governance today
  • Beyond the state - new non traditional forms of global governance
  • Legitimacy, accountability and leadership - how global governance answers to and obtains consent from the public
  • Crisis, conflict and change - how global governance responds to acute uncertainties in the contemporary world.

The session was chaired by Professor Stuart Croft, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research (Arts and Social Sciences). Professor Jan Aart Scholte, Politics and International Studies and GPP lead, Professor James Harrison, School of Law, Dr Lena Rethel, Politics and International Studies, and Dr Celine Tan, School of Law, each gave a presentation on their interest and research strand within the theme of Global Governance.

The audience engaged in debate around the topic, raised questions and ideas in 4 simultaneous breakout sessions facilitated by Warwick academics on the multi-disciplinary themes of:

(1) global financial markets
(2) feeding the world
(3) global trade and employment and
(4) global warming.

and also noting their thoughts, perceptions, questions and ideas on the paper tablecloths.

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 Professor Stuart Croft

Professor Stuart Croft
Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research (Arts and Social Sciences)

 Professor Jan Arte Scholte

Professor Jan Aart Scholte
Politics and International Studies,
GPP Lead on Global Governance
'The Mess We're In'

 Professor James Harrison

Professor James Harrison
School of Law
'New Forms of Global Governance'

 Dr Lena Rethel

Dr Lena Rethel
Politics and International Studies
'Is Global Governance Legitimate?'

 Celine Tan

Dr Celine Tan
School of Law
'Dealing with Global Crises'