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Is there an energy crisis?

An Energy Ideas Cafe, Wednesday 24 October 2012

Energy is one of the Global Research Priorities (GRP), identified as part of the University’s research strategy to give clear thematic identity, aligned to external funding priorities, to our multi-disciplinary research strengths which can make a significant contribution to some of society’s most pressing issues.

The inexorable rise in the global demand for energy will require profound changes in the way in which it is produced and utilised. Such changes are vital if ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are to be achieved. In the EU, member states including the UK are committed to reducing emissions by at least 20% by 2020 with further ambitious targets of 80% or more by 2050. These changes will only be achieved through technological advances which in turn can only happen through sustained and substantial investment in research and innovation.

The session was chaired by Professor Pam Thomas, Chair of the Board of the Faculty of Science. Professor Phil Mawby, School of Engineering and Energy GRP lead, Professor David Elmes, Warwick Business School, Richard Smith, Head of Energy Strategy and Policy, National Grid, Professor Evan Parker, Department of Physics, and Jon Price, Director of the Centre for Low Carbon Futures, each gave a presentation on their interest and research strand within the theme of Energy.

After the presentations, the audience was invited to consider the following questions in their seated groups:

  1. Will we ever run out of oil? What would you be prepared to pay for a litre of fuel?
  2. Why should we switch the lights out?
  3. Will Jeremy Clarkson ever own an electric vehicle?
  4. Which is greener – Nuclear or Wind?
  5. How do we make solar work in the UK?

The audience were also invited to note their thoughts, perceptions, questions and ideas on the paper tablecloths . A photographer was at the event to take pictures of the presenters and audience and presentations, questions and group feedback was recorded for a podcast.



Listen to the podcasts


Download the presentation(Powerpoint Presentation)


Read what was written on the tablecloths


See the feedback statistics

 Professor Pam Thomas
Professor Pam Thomas
Chair of the Board of the Faculty of Science

Professor Phil Mawby
School of Engineering, Energy GRP Lead

Introduction to and overview of the Energy Global Research Priority at Warwick

Professor David Elmes
Warwick Business School

The challenge that the global energy industry faces in meeting future supply and demand

Professor Evan Parker
Department of Physics

Developing new policy and approaches to geo-engineering

Jon Price
Director, Centre for Low Carbon Futures

An overview of alternative options for low carbon energy and the difficulties they present

Richard Smith
Richard Smith
Head of Energy Strategy and Policy, National Grid

UK energy futures