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The Study of Memory

The third Ideas Cafe took place in the EAT restaurant space of Warwick Arts Centre. The topic for discussion during the evening was "The Study of Memory".

This event drew speakers from the Faculties of Arts, Medicine and Social Studies. Professor Susan Bassnett, who chaired the two previous events, took this opportunity to speak about her study into memoirs and literary shifts, Dr Andrew Hoskins spoke about memory studies as a discipline and the "memory boom", Dr Bart Sheehan spoke about his experiences working with permanent memory loss in dementia patients and the physical nature of memory, and Professor Sean Hand closed the event with a short talk on memory and memorial in French culture and history. Following the speakers, the audience engaged in a long period of discussion around their ideas generated by the speeches.

Podcasts from the event are available to listen to on the Podcast tab, and some of the ideas generated can be seen on the graffiti boards.