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Feedback Statistics

We received feedback from 25 of the people who attended the Ideas Café on Connecting Cultures. All of those responding said that they would attend another Ideas Café in the future, and 84% felt that they had learned something from the evening.

Below is a full breakdown of the statistics:

Which part of the evening did you most enjoy?
The presentations 56%
Opportunity to note ideas 20%
Breakout session discussions 16%
Other 8%
Was the start time:
About right? 76%
Too late? 12%
Too early? 12%
Did you like the venue?
Yes 52%
Not sure 20%
No 28%
Do you feel you learned anything from this Café?
Yes - a lot 36%
Yes - a little 48%
No 16%
Would you attend a future Ideas Café?
Yes - if I was interested in the topic 48%
Yes 52%
No 0%