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At Ideas Cafe events, we encourage those who attend to scribble down their thoughts and feelings on the table cloths as the talks are happening. Here's what was written during the Individual Behaviour event, unedited, as it appeared on the table cloths:

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People don’t know the value of their own experiences

The myth of introspection

People may pay fortunes fir this interests / experience same?

Area restricted search --- but what about depletion of executive control?

Error of the leader but what about others?

Understanding human BU and decision-making

Area restricted search
Explore and exploit
Titanic & Greek liner?
Link to evolution by natural selection?
Repetitive behaviours

“We are genetically predisposed to making mistakes” – “evolution by natural selection”!

Reasonably was error foreseeable? Did it hurt me?

Does the Lucifer effect show just how far people can be manipulated behaviourally…..surely greater than a choice of red/white…

How does the belief effect perception of error – justification?
i.e. How can some followers carry out errors (mass suicide) on behalf of a leader

What is value of introspection?
Objectively assessing decisions/beliefs that have been inferred locally.

Narrative and personality when the mind is flat…perhaps how develop group identity.

Beliefs – paradigm shifts are possible, but uncommon.
Drift is more usual.

Warwick Behavioural Science

Credibility – depends on how the error is responded to when it comes to light
Avoidable errors are bad (carelessness irresponsibility)
Cover up, deny
Admit apologise
Act decisively to correct it
If I can see myself making the same error I am more forgiving.

Avoidable action / inaction
Outcome outside original intent / goal

gender split in perceptions?

repeated errors didn’t investigate

predictability irrational?
risk of uncertainty
trade offs: now vs future
cooperation vs competition
when explore when exploit?

leader error - perception varies over time?
avoidable action
chosen – unintended
most harshly judged
managing rational responses
(that affect ppl’s ability to do job)

introspection – a myth?

(Self-perception) Nick
group response norm vs human different
self deter – believed by self attribution
do people think about 20p on an experiment the same way as 20p ‘in a shop’?

Does Alzheimer’s leave a cognitive basis? Is this different from psychological basis?

We have no ‘mind’ to be flat; only a brain that is not!

What about:
‘Technologies of self’

Butterfly picture

All comments here are the work and opinion of the Ideas Café audience and do not necessarily represent the views of the University of Warwick.