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Graffiti boards

Liz Dowler writing on graffiti boardsAt every Ideas Café we put up boards where people are encouraged to answer a series of questions related to the theme of the café, in this case Science and Technology for Health. You can read below participants' answers to the questions, which were posed by the speakers.

What would you like to see this GPP do for your research and for the University?

Develop 2-3 grand challenges that are visionary and inclusive.

Take the chance to interlink SLS and WMS on joint research to open up the silos.

    ME/CFS Research
    • There is no biomarker for diagnosis
    • This is a very poorly funded area for medical research
    • The challenge to Warwick:
    1. To find funding for multi-disciplinary research in this area and
    2. To find a reliable method for diagnosis for this debilitating and common condition.

    Are there any major omissions in the themes and underpinning capabilities identified so far?

    Collaborative culture is evident.

    School kid in our group says: "I want to be happy about Dying... the things you have had (your experiences) and the things you leave behind (your legacy)".

    Why do we live in fear... worried – when we can choose to accept, embrace and live.

      We age from the time we are conceived...
      • We never truly age – our body is constantly making new cells, right?!
      • NHS – National Happiness Service.

      What are our unique selling points?

      1. Complex interventions: development and evaluation
      2. Complexity and system sciences
      3. Process mapping and improvement
      4. Applying psychology to design on information systems
      5. Design and analysis of non-randomised studies.