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At Ideas Cafe events, we encourage those who attend to scribble down their thoughts and feelings on the table cloths as the talks are happening. Here's what was written during the Science and Technology for Health event, unedited, as it appeared on the table cloths:

Tablecloth 1

Tablecloth 2

Tablecloth 3

Tablecloth 4

Tablecloth 5

Tablecloth 6

Tablecloth 7

Social dimension – education
1 day event – ? our USPs
Early diagnosis
1st step – the patient comes first

GPP must ensure that those with the problem can meet with those with the technology.

    Bench bedside research:
    • Broad definition
    • Foetus–childhood–adolescence–adulthood–old age
    • Pre-foetus: fertility
    • Expertise-based proposals
    • USPs:
    1. Emphasis in maternal collaboration within Warwick
    2. Population unhealthy
    3. Ethnic diversity
    4. SLS: Infection / Neuroscience
    5. Mathematics

    1. Start with funding opportunities of Research Councils
    2. But then match that with what Warwick Uni has unique expertise
    3. More links between different departments
      e.g. WMS + SLS or mathematical sciences, would aid funding by MRC

    Joint working between SLS and WMS since new heads?
    Need more awareness of what each other is working on.

    Where are the strengths.
    Starts at younger are – even younger.

    Pathway from fundamental to translation.

    Collaboration based
    Cross disciplinary
    Local population:
    Lots of pathology
    Resource rich
    Infection / neuro

    Should we be monitoring people for baseline values with new tests?

    Need to consider our strengths as well as the funding priorities.

    Healthy aging starts young.

    Circadian clocks and aging

    Whole-body calorimetry as tool. Nutrient deprivation and longevity.

    Strengths in neurosciences and infection and structural biology – healthy ageing.

    Health starts at conception.

    Size UoW / pipelines
    Food / nutrient

    Disappointment that links between SLS and WMS not yet so evident.

    Metabolic health


    All comments here are the work and opinion of the Ideas Café audience and do not necessarily represent the views of the University of Warwick.