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Podcasts from Understanding Childhood


15:50, Thu 12 Mar 2009

Susan Bassnett introduces the event and the panel members

(MP3 format, 5.3 MB)


Alan Prout, Institute of Education

15:49, Thu 12 Mar 2009

Alan Prout discusses how childhood is changing in the globalised world

(MP3 format, 14 MB)


Pia Christensen, Institute of Education

15:48, Thu 12 Mar 2009

Pia Christensen talks about risk and mobility of children in an urban space

(MP3 format, 15 MB)


Peter Sidebotham, Warwick Medical School

15:47, Thu 12 Mar 2009

Peter Sidebotham talks about child protection and death

(MP3 format, 12 MB)


Jackie Labbe, Department of English

15:43, Thu 12 Mar 2009

Jackie Labbe talks about children's literature

(MP3 format, 14 MB)