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What was Written on the Table Cloths?

At Ideas Cafe events, we encourage those who attend to scribble down their thoughts and feelings on the table cloths as the talks are happening. Here's what was written during the "What is Colour" event, unedited, as it appeared on the table cloths:

Andy has no idea of colour...

Clusters. 12 billion years.
Blue - hot - big - shortlived
Red - cold - oldlived
is big - red - sun
x-ray eyes - black holes
Universe expanding
13 billion
Yellow - red & green

The colour of stars
Night sky
White, red & green of planets

The couple who went to portugal
Declan said when learning portugese
who had various names for snow
Gosh that's (tirig?)
Stupid in attic
He's good
Smoke damage

The missing man
Do you think he has been in the pub
Not the fartcity tho'

Blue is hot?
Oh that's good.

They can't see traffic lights tho'

Inessential - no necc.linq

Black - constructed category.
Turpis - dust - uglier
Literal meaning

Not a real rune!


Red - :)ng
Rong xi fa chai

Blue star -> hot
Red star -> cold
colour - unified skin
Purple nose - not beautiful
purple eyes - black eyes
golden teeth
Red - :)ng

Lucky colour: dead
- Neil Gailman
An American God
(Author's preferred text)

Favourite colours:
blue, red, orange, yellow, beige, white, black
I like black & white painting / photograph because it doesn't have colour to distract the emotion of the subject in the painting / photograph

Conception of colour

Been rushing around since yesterday
Please, please give us a record deal...

Concepts constitutive ero system