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Where's Warwick the bear? A story of the University campus

bear'Warwick the Bear' will travel around campus throughout 2015; each week of term he’ll stop off at a different location, you can guess where the bear is and find out more about the University campus. This project will tell the fifty year story of Warwick's campus and provide an opportunity to engage with the University’s past.

Getting involved...

Where's Warwick? is a student run project where each week a different sports club or society will have ‘Warwick the Bear’ and will choose a location on campus and take ‘Warwick’ to visit it. The society or sports club will then photograph ‘Warwick’ making sure that they don’t give away too many clues as to where the location is.

The picture will be uploaded onto Where's Warwick? Facebook page each Monday and people will have the opportunity to guess where ‘Warwick the Bear’ is up until the Friday of that week. All correct answers will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky winner will be chosen at random. When the location of ‘Warwick’ is revealed they will provide details of the history of that location so you can find out how the University got to where it is today.

See where Warwick is this week...