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Phishing email warning - Apple users targeted

A phishing email has been sent to some Warwick email accounts, asking you to confirm the details of your Apple account.

The email is not genuine, and you should not reply to it or follow any links in it. It is an attempt to capture your personal data.

If you'd like more information about spam and "phishing" emails, please visit the ITS website

The email

The text of the email is as follows:

iCloud/Apple - [email address]

This message is to inform you that your Apple Account ([email address]) has been temporarily locked until you can validate your Apple ID details on file. This is a security measure to protect your iCloud Account from unapproved use. We apologise for the inconvenience. You won't be able to access Apple services or the iTunes & App Store until you verify your Apple Account ownership, we urge you to complete validation as soon as possible. Failure to validate your details within a 24 hours can result in termination of your Apple/iCloud Account to safeguard our system.

How do I validate my Apple Account and unsuspended my Apple ID?

Just proceed to the link below to verify your ID. Login in using your Apple ID and password, then follow the prompts.

> Validate My Apple/iCloud Account Details [link]

While using Apple devices and web services, you’ll still login with your main e-mail address as your Apple login.

If you have questions and need support, please see the Apple ID Support site.

Apple UK Support
Case Support ID: #I10BA61914-ID9