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Meeting of the Assembly

The University provides many opportunities for staff and students to hear about how the University is developing and the context of the financial choices made to support that development. However there have been some requests for additional opportunities to explore that topic, particularly in the context of queries around the University’s approach to pay and reward. The University is therefore responding by providing a range of additional engagement opportunities including calling a meeting of the Assembly.

Meeting of the Assembly

In response to these requests, the Vice-Chancellor has called a meeting of the Assembly of the University. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, 11 February 2014, from 9am to 11am, in Panorama 3, Rootes Building. The agenda for the meeting(Word Document) is available online.

The membership of the Assembly extends to all staff employed on Academic, Research only and Teaching only terms and conditions, and to all staff employed on level 6-9 terms and conditions. Given the position of the Assembly in the University Statute, members of the Assembly will be asked to present their University card on arrival at the meeting, to facilitate the accurate recording of attendance for the purposes of establishing quoracy and entitlement to vote, in accordance with the requirements of the Standing Orders of the Assembly.

Based on attendance at similar meetings, including previous meetings of the Assembly, we anticipate that the venues that have been booked will be sufficient to accommodate all those who wish to attend. All those who wish to attend are requested to register online, no later than 5pm on Friday, 7 February 2014.

We are also offering further opportunities for other groups of staff and students to hear and discuss the information that will be considered at the forthcoming meeting of the Assembly. The dates and locations of these meetings will be announced in due course.