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Triathlon to estates conference at Warwick

Warwick is playing host to the Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE) conference in March 2013. The conference will see members of many other universities and staff from a range of construction, design and other campus-related companies travelling to the University.

One particular company, the architects and designers Berman Guedes Stretton (BGS) who worked with Warwick on the Tennis Centre and the recent Ramphal refurbishment, will get here from Oxford through distinctly unusual means: a triathlon.

The first ten miles will be down the canals by kayak. After this, they'll run for another 5 or 6 miles, before finally climbing on bikes and cycling the rest of the way to campus. This is all taking place in aid of a local charity.

Bob Wilson, Director of Estates said:

"We've worked with BGS a number of times in the past, and know that they have interesting, eco-friendly ways of getting around the country – including some seriously long-distance cycling. But a triathlon seems like taking things to a new level – I hope it all goes well."

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