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New pension legislation: How it affects you

If you don't currently have a University pension you'll receive a letter shortly outlining how you'll be affected by new Government legislation which encourages employees to make provision for their retirement.

This legislation is known as automatic enrolment and means that, from 1 March 2013, if you're not already in a pension scheme through the University you may by law be placed into one, subject to the criteria below. This would result in deductions being made from your salary (starting in March 2013) to contribute to your pension scheme, however, you can make arrangements to 'opt out' if you wish, and your letter will explain how to do this.

If you’re already a member of a pension scheme through the University, ie University of Warwick Pensions Scheme (UWPS), Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), Scottish Life GPP (for Science Park employees) or National Health Service Pensions Scheme (NHSPS), you won’t be affected by this change, and you will be receiving a letter confirming that your current scheme is a qualifying scheme.

Who is affected

If you're between 22 and state pension age, earn a minimum of £8,105* per year (£676 per pay period) and do not already contribute to a pension scheme at Warwick, then you are likely to be eligible for automatic enrolment.

This applies whether you're paid through the salaries payroll (paid on 24th of the month), the variable monthly payroll (paid on 18th of the month), or are a temporary Unitemps member of staff through the University (receiving a blue payslip).

*Increasing to £9440 on 1 April 2013 (£787 per pay period)

Who is not affected

If you're outside this age bracket, or earn less than the minimum level at the University, then you won't be automatically enrolled. However, you may now be eligible to join a pension scheme if you want to. Look out for your letter explaining your options.

If you're a temporary Unitemps staff member paid through Warwick University Enterprises Ltd (receiving a payslip with a red Unitemps logo on the front) you won't be affected until April 2017. If you also work through the University you'll be assessed on University of Warwick earnings only and may qualify for automatic enrolment.

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Further information and FAQs

If you have a question not covered by the FAQs, email the HR team or call them on extension 22629 or 22720.

You can also sign up for information sessions, which will take place on 13, 19 or 22 March 2013, from 12:30-1:30pm in CMR1.0 in University House. To submit a question that you would like covered in the information sessions, please email auto dot enrolment at warwick dot ac dot uk.