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Reverend Kate Pearson: Anglican Chaplain

Name: Reverend Kate Pearson

Job title: Anglican Chaplain

Department: Chaplaincy

Can you tell us a little bit about your role?

I work with four other Chaplains from different faiths and traditions and a Chaplaincy Coordinator to help look after the spiritual health of our University and the well being of our staff and students. We do this by offering various activities and events all through the year (there's usually a lot of food involved!) that help people to pause, recharge and reflect on life a bit. We have lots of cups of tea throughout the week with people who need a listening ear. Another important part of our roles is to support the faith communities from which we come. For example, I co-lead Church on Campus with my colleague Stuart, which happens at 5pm on Sundays.

And what’s your involvement at Arrivals Weekend?

Chaplains are around all day on the Saturday, providing free refreshments for everyone in the Chaplaincy. Perfect for when your feet start to hurt and you need a cuppa. We also specialise in providing parents who have seen their children fly the nest with plentiful cups of tea and a listening ear. On the Sunday, as well as the Christian services we offer, there is breakfast available to anyone who's awake and around between 10 and 11. After the church services, we eat together too.

What’s the best bit about being involved in the weekend?

So much planning and preparation goes into the weekend from an amazing team of individuals and departments all across the University and I love seeing the campus come to life and these plans come to fruition.

Are there any challenges?

At the chaplaincy we're known for producing vast quantities of hot food from a very small kitchen. It's a challenge but a fun one!

Not many people know this about Arrivals Weekend, but …

... by the end of the weekend the Chaplaincy will have served several hundred of cups of tea and over 200 meals!

Revd Kate Pearson