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Kim Adams: Academic Programmes Manager and Resident Tutor

Name: Kim Adams

Job title: Academic Programmes Manager

Department: Psychology

Can you tell us a little bit about your role?

Most of my time is spent overseeing the running of the undergraduate Psychology course, it is a very varied role being involved in every aspect of the student lifecycle. We’re particularly busy at this time of year preparing for the arrival of new and returning students for the start of the academic year.

And what's your involvement at Arrivals Weekend?

During arrivals weekend I work as part of the Rootes team welcoming new students to the residence, handing out keys and giving them information to help orientate themselves.

What's the best bit about being involved in the weekend?

It’s an exciting time for all people arriving to the University, many in Rootes are leaving home for the first time. I really enjoy meeting the new students and helping them transition to living at University.

Are there any challenges?

For people in Rootes the biggest challenge is probably getting their belongings to their rooms as there aren’t any lifts! There’s always that daunting look, especially if they are on the top floor. Luckily there are plenty of student helpers and the RAG team if they need any help.

Kim Adams