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Matthew Scott: Accommodation Manager

Name: Matthew Scott

Job title: Accommodation Manager / Senior Warden

Department: Warwick Accommodation

Can you tell us a little bit about your role?

Warwick Accommodation plan and oversee the allocation of all accommodation owned and managed by the University both on and off-campus. We have to ensure that the processes and policies around the allocation of rooms is clear, transparent and efficient. We also have to respond to situations where we have more students to accommodate than originally forecast – i.e. an ’overshoot’.

And what’s your involvement at Arrivals Weekend?

To ensure that all students have the best possible arrivals experience i.e. all students, who require accommodation, have somewhere to stay when they arrive (even it that accommodation is only temporary). As Senior Warden, I will be available to help resolve issues that may arise on or off-campus relating to accommodation – this may involve making emergency accommodation available. As Warden of Westwood I need to ensure that all newly arriving students receive the information and support they require when moving to a new environment – the majority of students are moving to independent living for the first time.

What’s the best bit about being involved in the weekend?

Meeting a whole new group of students who are excited, apprehensive etc .. about the prospect of life at a world class University.

Are there any challenges?

Arrivals Weekend can be an emotional time for both students and their parents – and we need to be on hand to manage expectations, provide reassurance and deal with unexpected problems as and when they arise - at any time over the weekend.

Not many people know this about Arrivals Weekend, but …

... over 9,000 students will be arriving to accommodation managed by Warwick Accommodation (both on and off campus) during the week before and the week after the start of the academic year. The Residential Life Team offer ongoing support for these students during the often challenging arrival period and throughout the rest of the academic year.

Matthew Scott