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Bolstering Europe's Innovation Ecosystems

As a founding member of the Guild of European Research Intensive Universities, Warwick is proud to be working with 18 of Europe’s most distinguished universities to give a voice to our institutions, researchers and students. Members of the Guild share a commitment to further research, create innovation for public benefit, and enrich public debate at European and national levels.

The Guild is a transformative network of European research-led universities that is committed to optimising the opportunities afforded by its members' world- leading research. Through the knowledge they produce, the Guild will engage with policy- makers, enhance public debate, promote excellence in higher education, and collaborate with private and public institutions to solve global problems.

Our competitiveness and the way in which our societies advance both depend on our ability to innovate. Though Europe has built an outstanding research base, it is lagging behind the world’s most innovative economies. Untapping its potential requires a stable policy framework, as well as sufficient public funding and incentives for private investment. This funding must be part of an effort to create favourable conditions for innovation to flourish and scale up, and to strengthen the bridges connecting researchers and the results of their research with innovation.

What role do universities play as generators of ideas, educators of students, business partners, and actors in civil society? Which types of innovation should the European Innovation Council support, and at which stage of technological maturity? How can it stimulate venture capital and encourage investors to take the necessary risk? How could the European Institute of Innovation and Technology maximise its effectiveness as a meeting point of academia and industry?

For the Guild's recommendations on the challenges of EU innovation policy, read the Guild's latest policy paper.
The Guild will also inaugurate this year’s Policy Lab cycle with a discussion on innovation on 26 March in Brussels.

Registration will open soon, for more information click here.

To read the Guild's piece on Bolstering Europe’s innovation ecosystems: Research, creativity, and co-creation, visit the Warwick in Europe pages.