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Developing our Warwick story

We’re making it easier to tell our story, to help us continue to attract the best students, staff and partners.

Over the past year, we've been talking to staff, students, alumni, business partners, the local community and potential students, to find out just what Warwick means to our key stakeholders. This insight has helped us to form a clearer picture of who we are, how we see ourselves, and how others view us. By better understanding what makes us different, we've been able to develop our Warwick story, our brand, to help us express our values and vision for the future.

Understanding and expressing what makes us special

Many people are aware of 'the Warwick Way' but until now it's been difficult to express exactly what this means. By being able to articulate consistently what makes Warwick special through a core narrative, we'll be in a stronger position to attract and retain staff who share our values and ambition, providing them with a clear focus to their work; and appeal to students around the globe who are tuned into the unique Warwick offering. Effective branding also gives us a powerful - and empowering - sense of self, and business partners and policymakers will know exactly what to expect from working with us.

Why we need to rethink our brand

People perceive a brand whether it's managed or not - it's not optional. So we need to take ownership of making sure our Warwick brand truly reflects who we are and where we want to be. Research has shown that the existing Warwick brand isn't effective at capturing or communicating our differentiating strengths. Developing our story will help showcase our unique attributes, and help us to focus on what really matters to us as an institution. A strong sense of who we are will also inspire and motivate us as we move into the next stage of Warwick's history.

A timely evolution

A University with a reputation for breaking the mould is one that's brave enough to recognise the need for change and embrace it positively. Higher Education has changed dramatically since the current branding was introduced 13 years ago. We've changed with it. Warwick is on the cusp of our 50th anniversary, so there's no better time to take a fresh look at who we are and where we're headed. Our Warwick story will reflect our pioneering spirit and our reputation for leading, not following, and our brand will be as individual and distinctive as we are.

A collaboration

Developing a successful brand requires the input and support of all stakeholders, and the whole Warwick community has been involved and represented throughout this process through focus groups and consultations. Thank you for your input and insight into what makes Warwick unique. We're now at the stage of finalising the core narrative - our 'Warwick story' in the form of a piece of text to express who we are and where we're heading - and looking at potential visual branding to accompany this.

What next?

We'll keep you posted on insite, and will be running a series of roadshows around campus in the new year, where you can come along to find out more, and speak to those who've been most closely involved in this process to ask any questions. In the meantime, if you'd like to know more, you can email the Marketing team for further information.