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British Academy Fellowships 2013

Stuart EldenStella BruzziTwo Warwick Professors have been named as British Academy Fellows for 2013. Stella Bruzzi, Professor of Film and Television Studies and Stuart Elden who will be joining us from the University of Durham on 1 September as Professor of Political Geography, have received the prestigious award, which recognises outstanding research across the humanities and social sciences. Congratulations to both Stella and Stuart on their achievement.

British Academy Felllowships 2013

At its Annual General Meeting on 18 July 2013, the British Academy elected 42 new Fellows from 18 different UK universities, each of them a highly distinguished academic, recognised for their outstanding research and work across the humanities and social sciences.

Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, new President of the British Academy, said:

The humanities and social sciences celebrate the study of what it means to be human and how we relate to the world around us. They can also help us tackle many of the challenges faced in this country and the world as a whole. Our new Fellows, from across the UK and world, are world-class experts in the humanities and social sciences and can play a vital role in sustaining the Academy’s activities – helping select researchers and research projects for funding support, contributing to policy reports and speaking at the Academy’s public events.”

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You can learn more about the British Academy Fellowships on the BA Website.