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Consultation: Campus wayfinding and campus developments

campus wayfinding graphicStaff, students and visitors are invited to attend the final three workshops of our campus wayfinding programme: looking at how we help people get to and around campus, including maps, signage, car parking and more.


In the year that Warwick is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, while the site is undergoing a major development and investment programme, a unique opportunity has been provided to consider the campus experience as a whole. In this timely moment in the University’s history we can create a consistent approach to wayfinding across campus and enhance the information available to visitors and the impressions they are left with as they leave.


Between September 2014 and March 2015 a series of workshops have been arranged to consider each strand of the project, to discuss the current issues within each strand and to suggest possible solutions for future development.

You are invited to attend the final three workshops to have your say on:

  • Building Wayfinding and Internal / External Signage (20 January 2015, 2pm-4pm)
  • Pedestrian Wayfinding - 'First Impressions' (10 February 2015, 1pm-3pm)
  • Leaving Campus – Creating a Lasting Impression (6 March 2015, 1pm-3pm)

All workshops take place in CMR 1.0 in University House.

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