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Urban Science students in the City Challenge Week

cityweek10 incoming Urban Science CDT students and 4 academic staff travelled to New York to take part in the CUSP-based City Challenge week.

The City Challenge Programme provides an introduction to research and ongoing projects at CUSP. Students had talks from industry and city partners, and got to work in mixed institution/nationality groups on example case studies in urban informatics.

CUSP is an applied science research institute dedicated to researching and creating new solutions for the pressing and complex challenges confronting the world’s growing cities. CUSP is a significant component of New York’s Applied Sciences NYC Initiative. This research institute will spark new technologies, discoveries and innovations, will create new businesses and jobs, and will educate the workforce for the high-tech urban science sector. New research and technologies developed at CUSP are expected to generate $5.5 billion in economic activity and create a total of 7,700 jobs over the next 30 years.

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