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Centre for Education Studies: Hub & Spoke Implementation Workshops

The Centre for Education Studies (CES) was created in 2013, following the re-organisation of the Institute of Education. CES is repositioning, re-launching and re-branding Education as an interdisciplinary, international and innovative research and teaching activity at Warwick. In order to realise this vision, CES will be a coordinating hub of education research, collaborating with departments from across all four faculties at Warwick.

Drawing on the inherent interdisciplinarity of Education, this ‘hub and spoke’ organisational model represents a new way of organising research and teaching activity. The ambition is that this formalisation of interdisciplinarity in education studies across the University will translate into higher quality research with a greater impact on policy and practice. This will be achieved through the following types of interaction between ‘hub’ and ‘spoke’ departments:

  • Joint research projects and joint supervision of PhD Students
  • Joint undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
  • Joint appointments or secondments
  • University wide research seminars and conferences

To take this agenda forward, CES is forming a number of implementation groups and hosting a series of workshops across the summer term to explore in greater depth joint interests between departments in both research and teaching.
A large number of departments have already been engaged with the CES agenda, but this is an open call to both academic staff and support staff to get involved in these exciting developments. This may be of interest to:

  • Academic Research and Teaching staff from any discipline whose work has some relation to a broad definition of Education
  • Departmental administrators who will have a role in supporting cross-departmental collaborations
  • Central University professional and administrative staff who have an interest in developing or supporting interdisciplinary research and teaching programmes

To find out more and to register your interest please visit the CES website.