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Donation points on campus

Update on Refugee Charity Fundraising

Update from Desiree Stewart, WMS, who has been working with charity Kos Kindness to send toiletry donations to newly arrived refugees in Greece. The donation points are now closed.

I’m going to volunteer on Lesvos for 2 weeks over the Christmas period to help with the refugees and will be taking an extra suitcase of emergency aid with me. I’m running a fundraiser on the 5 December to help fill the suitcase and have a small fund to buy items needed on the ground. I am hoping that you and your colleagues can support me. They are desperate for baby carriers/slings on Lesvos at the moment. If you or any of your friends have a carrier that’s no longer needed please could you donate to a refugee family to make their baby’s journey a little easier. I’ll pack as many of these into my suitcase as possible to take out with me."Desiree Stewart

Download her Cookery fundraiser flyer to promote around the office

Also Bank donations can be made via Paypal to desistewart2 at btopenworld dot com.

We appreciate all of your generous donations over the last few months. Desiree has a wish list where people can buy supplies needed and they will be sent directly to the Medical School to resend out to refugees. Any queries please contact Desiree Stewart on 07947298963 or email desiree dot stewart at warwick dot ac dot uk.