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Warwick chemistry students visit Monash

Warwick chemistry student Georgia Hardwick and Associate Professor Chris McNeill from MonashIn an exchange supported by the Monash Warwick Alliance, 15 Warwick undergraduates are completing three to four-month projects under the guidance of Monash supervisors in the faculties of science and engineering.

Associate Professor Chris McNeill from the Monash Department of Materials Engineering said there had been many benefits from working with Warwick student Georgia Hardwick, the first intern to join his lab. Associate Professor McNeill said:

Three months is proving to be a good amount of time to train Georgia and enable her to work independently on a well-defined project, Georgia is building and testing polymer solar cells, and we hope to achieve a research paper out of her efforts. One benefit from this visit is that Georgia and I can experience working together, so it’s a ‘try before you buy’ scenario for both of us should she later choose to apply for a PhD with my lab.”

Georgia said the placement had exceeded her expectations, she said:

I’m gaining experience in a different field, which has helped me decide the final-year research project I’ll undertake when I return to Warwick.”

The Monash School of Chemistry is hosting 13 of the visiting students.

Associate Professor Tony Patti from the Monash School of Chemistry said his exchange student, William Hann, would leave Monash with new skills and a deeper understanding on how biomass converts to bio-oils for chemicals and fuels. Associate Professor Tony Patti said:

William’s visit has been a worthwhile exchange for our lab, as have all the other interactions with visiting Warwick students in the School of Chemistry. We hope that this arrangement can be reciprocated with Warwick in the near future.”

The Alliance hopes undergraduate exchanges between the two universities will become a regular reciprocal arrangement. Warwick’s Department of Chemistry has indicated it would welcome more students from Monash. Such activity is aligned with the Alliance’s commitment to provide international opportunities for students at Monash and Warwick.