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Private accommodation cyber-crime targeting Chinese students

cybercrimeThe University has become aware of a private accommodation cyber-crime that is attempting to defraud Chinese students out of large sums of money. The fraudsters have posted a fake advertisement for private off-campus accommodation in Coventry on the following forum:

Please note that CSSA-Warwick is not an official student society and has no connection to the University of Warwick or Warwick Students’ Union. The CSSA-Warwick forum is unregulated and not moderated by the University or Warwick Students’ Union. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the validity of any information posted on this forum.

In this particular cyber-crime, the fraudsters have posted a link on the CSSA-Warwick Forum to an advertisement for private student accommodation on QQ:

The Police and Action Fraud have been informed of this cyber-crime and the link to the advertisement on QQ has now been blocked.

The University strongly advises all students to be extremely cautious when browsing private student accommodation on online forums such as the CSSA-Warwick forum and to avoid handing over personal details such as log-in details.

Students who are looking for private off-campus accommodation should seek advice from Warwick Accommodation or Warwick Students’ Union Advice Centre before making any arrangements and should never sign or agree to a private housing contract before seeing the property in person.

If you have been affected by this or any other cyber-crime or just want to talk to someone about your concerns, please contact the International Office on 024 7652 3706 or at int dot office at warwick dot ac dot uk