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Disco Soup

discosoupWarwick Food GRP are holding a free Disco Soup event on 20 February 12.00-3.00pm at the Piazza.

Disco Soups are events in which people come together to cook and eat a soup made with vegetables that would otherwise go to waste and dance together. Bring your peeler, your apron and any food waste you have and come celebrate the joy of avoiding food waste by making a delicious soup.

The objective of these events is to raise awareness on the issue of food waste in the food supply chain, in an enjoyable and sociable way.

Through the Disco Soup we would like to start the process of change... thinking about how we, as consumers, can reduce our waste.

Further information

The purpose of our Disco Soup is to highlight food waste. We’d love for everyone to think about how they can reduce the amount of food that is wasted, whether they are buyers, retailers or producers. Food waste just doesn’t make sense: economically, morally or environmentally. Find out more about food wastage thorugh all the food production stages.

Interview article with British Food Activist and Writer, Tristram Stuart on Disco Soups.

For more information contact Carla Sarrouy on c dot sarrouy at warwick dot ac dot uk or the Food GRP on foodgrpteam at warwick dot ac dot uk