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How would you use a new campus Eco-Centre?

Our students would like to build a new Eco-Centre on campus, crafted from straw bales and used car tyres. Engineers Without Borders (EWB), the society behind the proposals, want to bring the following benefits to campus by creating the Eco-Centre:

  • A space to showcase our wide range of sustainability-related research and technology (our Combined Heating and Power plant for example).
  • A unique environment for departments and student societies to teach and host events in.
  • A building that will see more sustainable development in years to come, with solar panels, wind turbines and all sorts added to it.

What do you think?

The project already has the support of the Estates Office, IATL, WMG and other student societies. But EWB want to know what you think of the project and what you’d like to see from it. Read the full details of the proposal(PDF Document), and give your feedback at: