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Energy Saving over Christmas

treeThe Energy and Sustainability Team would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and ask you to think about your energy usage over the festive period both at home and at work. To this end please endeavour to turn off (at the plug) all office equipment and any other electricals that will not be used over the holidays, be those computers, lights, printers, heaters (turn down the radiator valve), air conditioning etc

Remember:- While you are partying your office equipment doesn’t need to be.

10 Tips for saving over Christmas

1. Don’t use foil/shiny wrapping paper as it cannot be recycled
2. Remember to recycle
3. Use the leftovers (a turkey isn’t just for Christmas)
4. Send an E-card instead of a card (saves paper)
5. Buy the rechargeable batteries, they will go further.
6. Defrost the freezer before the Christmas shop – it will work more efficiently
7. Turn off the Christmas lights when they are not needed. (Christmas tree lights left on for 10 hours a day over the 12 days of Christmas produce enough CO2 to inflate 12 balloons)
8. Turn down your heating by 1 Degree C. If you have people over you won’t notice the difference. If you don’t you have a better excuse for wearing that new jumper.
9. Put a lid on it – put a lid on your pots when cooking Christmas dinner as this reduces energy usage.
10. Only buy as much food as you actually need. Plan your meals.