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Engagement Group - Update on administrative structure changes

Following changes announced in the summer on the professional services structure, the External Affairs department has been renamed the Engagement Group, which will include two new functions of Public Relations and Business Relations and Innovation.

Bob Hogg has taken up the position of Director of Business Relations and Innovation, with a brief to oversee industrial partnerships, business intelligence and corporate engagement strategy. Initially, he is supported by team members Debbie Girdlestone, Andrew Thompson, Mike Ahearne and Ian Hancox.

Jane Furze is Director of Public Relations and her team includes the Community and Public Engagement teams. Her brief will also include oversight of institutional sponsorship and Corporate Social Responsibility activities and stakeholder engagement for the future campus masterplan. The Public Engagement team is Emily Little, Naomi Kay, Lucy Horrocks and Alison Phillips. The Community Engagement team is Andy Davis, Helen May, Mark Hinton and Caroline Oakman.

Bob and Jane join the existing teams in the Engagement Group under Ian Rowley – Development, led by Mary McGrath, and Marketing and Communications, led by Helen Pennack.

There will be further detail over the coming months on the other changes announced by Rachel Sandby-Thomas, as Richard Hutchins joins Warwick as Director of Strategy and Policy and a new Academic Registrar is appointed.