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Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine

The Faculties of Science and Medicine will come together to create a new Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine from 1 August 2018.

Bringing Science, Engineering and Medicine together provides an excellent opportunity for enhanced integration across all STEMM subjects, strengthening both our research and teaching in these disciplines. This development is also aligned with national moves towards a single government entity for research and innovation funding (UKRI) and a focus on interdisciplinary research.

Professor Aileen Clarke steps down at the end of her term as Chair of the Faculty of Medicine on 31 July 2018. Professor Mike Shipman, currently Chair of the Faculty of Science, will become Chair of the new Faculty.

The University website and published materials referencing the Faculties will be updated over the coming months.


A proposal for the new Faculty was considered by Senate at its meeting on 13 June. Senate recommended the creation of the new Faculty to the University Council, who approved it on 11 July. Staff and students from both faculties were involved in developing the proposal.

Our Faculty structure provides scrutiny and support to academic departments and schools, and provides advice and oversight of departmental budgets and resourcing. We have ensured appropriate representation of all the departments and schools within the new Faculty on the Faculty Board; the Senate and other decision-making bodies from the forthcoming academic year. On a day to day basis, colleagues and students will see very little difference in work and study following the merger.