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Feel good factor week four: revision tips

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Students can get a wealth of information and advice on how to keep happy and healthy, during exam season and beyond, through the Students' Union annual well-being campaign, Feel Good.

Week four is all about revision tips and exam checklists.

  1. Turn. Facebook. Off. That really adorable picture of the cat will still be on the internet later.
  2. Plan your revision. Break up each module into units, give the more difficult sections a bit more time.
  3. Try not to revise for more than 8 hours a day, you’re only human and your brain can only absorb so much.
  4. Mix it up. Try revising in group, pick a topic and quiz each other on it.
  5. Take regular short breaks. Eg. work for 45-60 minutes and then take 10 minutes off. In this time stretch your legs, drink some water and get some fresh air.
  6. Once you’ve revised a topic, get hold of some past exam papers and practice –time yourself and get your friends to look over your work afterwards. [Search “past papers” on insite or ask your seminar tutor]
  7. If you’re revising at home, don’t revise on your bed. Clear space on your desk and make that your work zone.
  8. If you’re leaving the library for longer than 30 minutes, take your things with you –it’s not fair that someone else may be prevented from revising because your things are taking up space.

More information is available from the Feel Good campaign website