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Showcasing our approach to Going Global

Our research excellence in the field of student integration and the internationalised institution was showcased on a global stage at the British Council annual conference in London on 2 June 2015.

In a lively and innovative session, Prof.Helen Spencer-Oatey and Dr Daniel Dauber shared some of their latest research findings, which challenge traditional measurements of internationalisation. The International Office and 20 of Warwick’s Go Global student ambassadors then chaired round table discussions and shared their personal insights on the challenges and opportunities in integrating domestic and international students and the institution’s role in equipping all students with global skills.

Warwick’s students made a great impression at the conference, sharing our sector leading approach to developing truly global graduates. Claire O'Leary from the International Office commented,

The Warwick Go Global student ambassadors from Britain, Brazil, Vietnam, China, Switzerland, Germany, Finland and many more countries were incredibly impressive and articulate and the feedback I received afterwards about them was very complimentary. Delegates seemed to really appreciate the opportunity to get the student perspective on the issue of integration and the development of global skills.

Going Global students

Going Global roundtable discussion