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Living off Campus? Top Tips for Being a Good Neighbour 2013

Living in a house in a residential area for the first time? There are many ways the University and the Students’ Union can support you, and many ways in which you can make a positive contribution to your neighbourhood...

Help and advice from the University and the Students' Union

If you require advice about finding accommodation off-campus you can contact Warwick Accommodation at

You can also contact the Student Advice Centre for help and advice on any issue regarding living off campus – from landlord-tenant disputes to issues with integration in the local community. For more information on moving into off-campus accommodation for the first time, see the Student Union's Housing Hub.

If you have any general support issues, please contact the Student Support Office on the ground floor of University House, email: or tel: 024 76 575570 (internal ext: 75570).


Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself to your neighbours. As well as being good manners, they’ll be able to give you useful information about the area, such as collection days for rubbish. It’ll also give you an idea as to what their particular priorities are – helpful for keeping on the right side of them. If you build a good relationship with your neighbours, they may keep an eye on your property for you, hold your spare keys or help out in an emergency.



Be aware that your neighbours are likely to have a different lifestyle to you – maybe working shifts, getting up early in the morning or taking care of young children. Try to keep stereos/TVs away from adjacent walls and try to keep noise down when coming home late at night. In residential areas, there’s a general expectation that there will not be excessive noise at any time and that there will not be noise at all after about 11pm on weekdays.

If you’re planning a party, let your neighbours know in advance and tell them what time it will end. It might be an idea to invite them too! Friday or Saturday nights are more acceptable than midweek, and, unless your neighbours are very relaxed, weekly parties aren’t a good idea!



Local residents are likely to have strong feelings about how their neighbourhood looks and they will want their house, and houses and gardens around them, to stay in a state of good repair.

Make sure you know when your rubbish collection day is and don’t leave rubbish out in the street or front garden or where the bin could cause an obstruction.

Rubbish collection days and information on recycling:

There are also an extensive number of recycling points around campus.



Make sure you're considerate to others when parking your car on the street. If there is only on-street parking available, be aware that you have to share the space with others and you may not be able to park outside your house all of the time. Make sure that you park sensibly avoiding blocking your neighbours in or causing them problems getting out of their drive.


Get involved

It’s your community whilst you’re living there, so why not get involved? Support the area by using local shops, cafes and takeaways. You could also take advantage of opportunities to get involved in the local community through voluntary work. Find out more about the huge number of opportunities available through Warwick Volunteers.


Problems with neighbours

If you do experience problems with neighbours, it’s always best to try and talk to them first to resolve any differences amicably. However, if you need some support, contact the Student Advice Centre at the Students’ Union on 024 765 72784, or

Information and advice is available at independent site ProblemNeighbours, focusing on coping with noisy, aggressive or inconsiderate neighbours.